5 Ways To Ruin Your Instagram Travel Pics With Krafty Kuts

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“Instagram is one of my favourite things to do while travelling,” UK producer/ DJ Krafty Kuts says.

“But there is nothing more frustrating than having a great moment, picture, video ruined so here a few of those things!”

1. Spending ages getting what you think is the perfect snap or video only to find your battery dies and you completely lose the image (happened to me yesterday). Lost a great video, so #frustrating!

2. The classic one is when you are just about to take a picture then someone walks in front of you or bumps into you. #agitation

3. I think this is the worst. On my travels I am blessed to meet some really cool people whether it be an actor, filmmaker, sports personality or generally all-round cool, creative human being that has inspired me or played a big part of my life. Take a picture and it’s completely crap ie. bad lighting or the person taking it just takes an awful picture. #damn

4. Waiting for the perfect moment to take a picture while in a beautiful location on tour or on holiday then the weather kicks in and totally ruins the opportunity. #momentgone

5. This one is really frustrating; when you take time to get the perfect image and spend ages getting all your filters spot on and go to post the image and have no internet. #no

Krafty Kuts newest single, 'It Ain't My Fault', is out now. His new artist album with Dynamite MC (featuring a collab with Ivan Ooze) 'All 4 Corners' will be released 19 May.

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