5 Ways To Keep Yourself Cool This Summer Island Style With Emily Wurramara

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Last month Emily Wurramara released the third and final single from her debut EP, ‘Black Smoke’, titled 'Ementha-Papaguneray (Turtle Song)'.

Launched in support of Greenpeace’s ‘Save the Reef Campaign’, the turtle song is sung in Anindilyakwa (annen-dilly-yark-wah), the traditional language of Emily's home on Groote Eylandt, NT.

Emily has supplied a Top 5 list of ways to keep yourself cool this summer. Onya Emily.

1. Build a cubby house outside. Find the direction of a breeze or a 'cool spot'. My cousins and I used chairs or four big sticks to hold it and sheets to lay on; great for lazing about.

2. The heat can be so extreme and your water bottle can get hot and make you feel even more dehydrated; when you’re around a creek or a beach and you have no eski, let it float in the water to cool it down.

3. When you have a breeze, just wet a sheet, hang it in front of a window or wherever the breeze is coming from and bam! You’re very own natural air-con.

4. Wear sarongs and flowy, warm-coloured clothes. I find that light materials are very airy and for some reason makes me feel like an air goddess.

5. Freeze fruit. It’s the best go-to food during summer. You can freeze anything: strawberries, oranges, blue berries - just add ice cream and you’re good to go.

'Ementha-Papaguneray (Turtle Song)' is available now.


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