5 Ways To Evade Friends Or Siblings For An Intense Game Of Hide And Seek

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Next year dream-folk artist Tom West will release a new album; the first offering is the single 'All My Friends Are Scientists'.

The track was recorded at an ad-hoc studio in the Adelaide Hills Tom put together; he spent a week with a range of local muso friends recording new music all while overlooking the city below. “This is an older song that has lingered around the edges of my repertoire for ages without ever settling into a place,” Tom says about '...Scientists'.

Currently touring, Tom has supplied a five ways to evade detection during a game of hide and seek. Seems Tom and his muso mates were doing more than recording new music in the Adelaide Hills.

1. It’s an oldie but a goldie: under the bed

Falls in the category of 'it’s so obvious that it’s not obvious'. The more clutter the better too; if you can manoeuvre the bags of decaying clothes, forgotten socks and undies and boxes of CDs and Nintendos you can create a very effective hiding hole.

2. Above the line of sight

Remember in 'Alien' how the xenomorph would lurch onto the hapless crew members from above? We’ll apply the same tactic here. To your average finder it does not occur to look for the findee above his or her line of sight. Find an elevated spot and crouch your way to glory. My personal favourite is atop an old hills hoist. Note: only for experts and only in low light and (preferably) drunk bouts.

3. Don’t be afraid to get dirty

The space between the shed and fence. Brush those spiders away. Behind a rusty wheelbarrow leaning on ivy: perfect. For the ultimate player: in the recycling bin.

4. Hiding in plain sight

Possibly the riskiest of all tactics, but if you pull it off the look on your foe's face will be priceless. You’ll need a shadow corner or maybe two grandfather clocks standing almost side by side.

5. Into the lion's den

This approach is where you get as close as possible to the finder during the countdown, find your spot, and watch gleefully as his or her quest leads them away from where you are. You’ll be the last hider standing. Nice.

Tom West Shows

Thu 1 Dec - Some Velvet Morning (Melbourne)
Sun 4 Dec - Grace Emily (Adelaide)


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