5 Unhelpful Kitchen Tips With Food Court

Food Court recently released their debut album, 'Good Luck'. Food Court recently released their debut album, 'Good Luck'.
Sydney garage-fuzz rock band Food Court have had a productive 2017.

They toured the US and Canada as well as showcased at SXSW earlier in the year, and after the recent release of their debut album, 'Good Luck', the band spent time on the road supporting Tired Lion.

And now they're ready to unleash 'Good Luck' on audiences with a run of November headline dates that kick off Saturday (4 November) in Sydney.

The lads also enjoy a dry sense of humour judging by these so-called kitchen tips.

1. In-law Ricotta

Curdled milk, heated to 90 degrees and with a dash of vinegar will make perfect ricotta. Best served on a warm day with tinned peaches and the in-laws.

2. Squid Dance

Chewy squid getting you down? Our Pommy mate Ian used to do the squid dance to try and soften his squid and octopi to an edible level.

He'd dance around the boiling pot for at least an hour before removing the squid and throwing it on a searing hot barbie, adding a fist of lemon and salt thrown from a height; at least 86 centimetres.

3. Winter Warmer

A hollowed-out bread roll with a generous dollop of sorb (sic), will make a perfect, overnight moisturising pouch for your hands. Reusable; just give it quick rinse under the tap and microwave it for 20 seconds on high.

4. Catch Of The Day

Wanna serve fish at your next soirée, but money's to tight mention? A trip down to De costi for some head, tail and a couple of fins from the bin won't break the bank.

Simply slip the large snapper head onto a big Devon wang, jam a tail into the other end, arrange fins at parallel points on each side and hey presto, catch of the day! Especially for those who don't go much for 'fishy fish'.

5. 6 & Out

If you've egged your cricket ball after an epic sesh in the nets, here's what to do. Stick it in a boiling pot of salted water. Reduce to a simmer. Mould it back to shape. Then shallow fry in extra virgin till it's crispy.

Food Court Shows

Sat 4 Nov - Brighton Up Bar (Sydney)
Sun 5 Nov - North Gong Hotel (Wollongong)
Fri 10 Nov - Yah Yah's (Melbourne)
Sat 18 Nov - The Northern (Byron Bay)
Sat 2 Dec - Cambridge Warehouse (Newcastle)


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