5 Travel Mistakes With Sunshine Coast Musicians The Hi-Boys

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Sunshine Coast rockers The Hi-Boys, who are inspired by 1950s rock & roll and surf rock, will be on hand for the inaugural MooloolaBaBQ Festival later this month.

International travellers, the band have accrued plenty of experience from life on the road. “While travelling with a band there are a number of things we have learnt the hard way to double check. Here are five things you should always do when travelling.”


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1. Double check flight times

This has happened a number of times. I get confused as times are usually in 24-hour time and we’ve missed flights, so I have everyone check the flight times and even have my wife text me an hour and a half before the flight to make sure we get there on time.

2. Make sure you have ID

This is a hard one; without ID there is really not much you can do.

3. Don’t get to-carried away at the party before an early flight

This is bound to happen once to everyone, and being sick on the way to the airport, at the airport and on the plane is not a good feeling.

4. Make sure you leave with everything

I once left our merch bag with car keys in Sydney. When we got back to Sunny Coast, I had to get a friend to break into my house and find the spare set and drive them to the airport; not good.

5. Keep an open mind

Some people take life too seriously; traveling is an adventure so things do happen. If you don’t allow for hiccups to happen that’s a big mistake and you’ll be disappointed. If something happens find a way to fix it; you’ll laugh at it afterwards.

The Hi-Boys play the MooloolaBaBQ Festival at The Wharf Precinct (Sunshine Coast) 28 January. The band also support The Rumjacks at The V Room (Sunshine Coast) 3 February and Redlands Rockabilly Revival (Brisbane) 12 March

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