5 Soulfoods With Brisbane Band Hemingway

Hemingway Hemingway

With a trunk brimming to the max with delectable pysch-reggae, Brisbane band Hemingway will have you hankering for another serving with their Soulfood tour.

After incorporating a new member, Hemingway have added electronic stylings to their menu; the result is a tasty blend of dub beats grated over their already tasty grooves. With the Soulfood tour to commence in Brisbane this weekend, the lads share their Top 5 soulfoods with you.


Tomorrows the day Soulfood comes out, better get out ya mums best cutlery cause it's a tasty slice.

A photo posted by Hemingway (@hemingwayofficial) on Oct 19, 2016 at 5:22pm PDT

1. Music

Music is the most important food for the soul. It's been around as long as humans have, so it's gotta be an essential part of the soul's diet.

2. Dance

Shaking your booty also shakes all the stresses off the soul; it's accompanied by music, so it's a large, double-whammy burger meal for the soul.

3. Nature

Escaping the craziness of reality and stepping into the beauty of the natural world is better for your soul than a smashed-avo brekkie.

4. Coffee

Waking up with a coffee is like giving the old soul a kickstart to a brand, new day.

5. Leafy Greens

Our mums always told us to eat our leafy greens for a healthy body; seeing as our bodies are the temples for our soul, we feel this one is quite important.

'Soulfood' is available now.

Hemingway Shows

Sat 22 Oct - The Bearded Lady (Brisbane)
Fri 28 Oct - The V Room (Sunshine Coast)
Sat 29 Oct - The Night Quarter (Gold Coast)
Sun 30 Oct - Sounds Of Sunday (Gold Coast)


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