5 Music Hairdos With The Bear Hunt

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The Bear Hunt are reminiscent of '90s alt-rock with fuzzed-out guitars, big melodies and big outros; angular, weird, but super melodic.

With the recent release of their newest single, 'Who Made You God?', and an east-coast tour last month, the band have recently entered Brisbane’s recording studio 'The Shed' with the talented Bryce Moorhead (Violent Soho, HITS) to commence recording their next EP, due for release early 2017.

The band also rate their music hairdos, sharing their Top 5 with scenestr... thanks guys.

1. Lionel Ritchie

His look was copied EVERYWHERE for ages in the 80s. That fro in combination with that moustache was badass. I don't know if it was the hair, but Lionel managed to have the exact same look in every photo. Now that's a man that knows how to own a look!! (Selected by Linda)


2. Joan Jett

This is the most bad-ass haircut of any rock muso: period! A true icon who inspired many of the bands I love and adore. Joan doesn't give a shit what you think and her haircut is an extension of that. (Selected by Kate)

3. Liam Gallagher

When it comes to haircuts Liam is the fucking man! I remember as a kid, I saw a photo of him. I couldn't believe how fucking cool he looked. I really wanted to get my hair done the same way, but I just can't due to my thick Jew curls. (Selected by Lloyd)

4. Sinead O'Connor

Sinead proved women didn't need hair to be beautiful. (Selected by Bec)

5. David Bowie

It's hard to go past one of music's most influential personas in fashion. Bowie wore want he wanted and how he wanted. He always had a theatrical air to both his wardrobe and hair. It's especially hard to go past that flaming orange mullet from his Ziggy era. (Selected by everyone)


The Bear Hunt Shows

Thu 6 Oct - The Brightside (Brisbane)
Sat 22 Oct - Slopesfest @ Club Greenslopes (Brisbane)
Fri 28 Oct - West End Festival @ Max Watts (Brisbane)

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The Bear Hunt

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