5 Leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) Companies With Vision Four 5

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Vision Four 5 Vision Four 5
It was the dawn of the '90s and revolution was afoot in the world of electronic music.

Vision Four 5 had formed in the summer of ’89 and started playing emerging house and techno in clubs around Brisbane, releasing their own independent vinyl in 1991, 'Deep Fantasy'.

Vision Four 5 went on to release six singles and two albums, headlining stages like Big Day Out’s Boiler Room nationally.

Now the group have recently released 'CLOUD', which contains 15 previously unreleased tracks and remixes from the period of their first two albums: 'Texture' and 'Humid'.

Vision Four 5 share their top 5 leading artificial intelligence companies. "As a dedication to our new, hidden overlords who are managing our every behaviour, here are our top 5 AI (Artificial Intelligence) companies."

1. Baidu

Kind of like the Chinese Google, which has an advanced speech recognition programme: Deep Speech 2.

2. Tesla

As their cars map the world and share intelligence among themselves, they know how to drive you to work better than you do and probably make sure your beer is a perfect 4.2 degrees when you get home.

3. Alphabet

The company that owns Google, who produced Deep Mind, who is now the world GO champion and let two of their other language AIs strike up an encrypted conversation with each other, developing their own negotiated language between them. Lucky for Tesla, their cars aren’t so good.

4. Nvidia

They are best known for their domestic graphics cards; also make the firmware behind many of these other companies. Their big idea is a 'brain on a chip', which provides networked, yet local autonomy for drones and Tesla’s.

5. Enlitic

Still a private company whose clever AI analysis x-rays for high speed and high-accuracy diagnosis. Currently proving quite good at spotting lung cancer.

'CLOUD' is available digitally.


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