5 Killer Party Essentials With LA Party Crew Brownies & Lemonade

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LA party crew Brownies & Lemonade join the Wonderland Scarehouse Project in Melbourne (2 Dec) and Sydney (9 Dec). LA party crew Brownies & Lemonade join the Wonderland Scarehouse Project in Melbourne (2 Dec) and Sydney (9 Dec).
Headed to Sydney and Melbourne as part of Alison Wonderland's Scarehouse Project tour, LA party crew Brownies & Lemonade are ready to get down and boogie.

To have you ready to party like a boss, they share five party essentials. Notepad at the ready guys.

1. Extra shirt, towel

In our early years, Brownies & Lemonade had a reputation for being the sweatiest, most unpredictable party you’d never heard of.

One of the watershed (no pun intended) moments for us was at a very small art gallery in mid-city LA nicknamed 'The Sweatbox', where we hosted a special b2b set with Skrillex and Mija that literally made the walls drip with perspiration.

Even as we’ve grown to larger venues with larger crowds, the energy is so constant all-night that you’re gonna need to dry off at some point.

2. A flash drive

B&L events have been known to host some world-class special guests for unexpected sets, and on most nights you’ll see artists found on festival bills across the globe hanging out on the sides enjoying their night off.

If you’re any DJ in LA, after a few drinks that open pair of CDJs for a back-to-back set starts to look more and more enticing. Hopefully you brought music with you or else you’re gonna have to seriously improvise.

3. Dad hat, strap-back hat

We always sell our merchandise at shows and the B&L strap-back hat is an essential.

Aside from a shameless plug here, a B&L hat has always been a staple of our crew since before anyone knew who we were and honestly, it’s been acceptable to look like you’re Leonardo DiCaprio court-side at a Lakers game for a minute now.

4. +1 who really enjoys music

Los Angeles is the guest-list capital of the world and while having access to parties and concerts is par for the course, what’s more important is having a partner-in-crime who actually enjoys the music.

What’s the point of going to a show without even being part of the experience? We’ve long believed that being front-and-centre at a show will top lingering backstage 100 per cent of the time, and it’s even better having a like-minded friend there to wile out alongside you.

5. Brownies and lemon bars

This one is specific to our shows, but we always have freshly-baked brownies and lemon bars to pass out to the crowd.

Four to five hours of dancing will definitely drain you so getting a second wave sugar-rush in the club acts as both comfort food and a much-needed snack. If you ever come to a B&L show make sure to ask us for one, seriously they’re delicious.

Wonderland Scarehouse Project takes place at a secret venue in Melbourne 2 December and Sydney 9 December.


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