5 Gold Coast Golf Courses The Peep Tempel Googled But Never Played

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The Peep Tempel The Peep Tempel

Last week, Melbourne trio The Peep Tempel released their third album, 'Joy'.

With the band garnering critical acclaim, they'll head out on a tour next month for a slew of dates around the land of Oz.

The guys are regular travellers, and during a recent stay on the Gold Coast they enquired into local golf courses. Four!!

“We don’t play much golf. Don’t really care for it. Though we thought we’d spend a day on the green during our stay on the Gold Coast. After researching the best place to play, we are none the wiser. Here are our Top 5 Gold Coast golf courses according to Google reviews."

Palmer Golf

Jason says: “ Great course. Very tight off the tee, and plenty of trouble awaits.” Toight off the teee! I wonder if the trouble he’s referring to is local resident Fench, who says: “IF YOU LIVE ON THE GOLF CORSE, YOU ARE OUT OF LUCK. THEY MOW THERE WITH AN ELECTRIC LAWN MOWER AT 5:30AM ON THE WEEKENDS.IT SOUNDS LIKE A ELECTRIC SAW!!! GREAT WORK CLIVE PALMER.”

Only Clive could afford an extension lead long enough to mow an entire golf course with an electric mower.

Links Hope Island

James says: “Well, if the restaurant food and service is anything like the booking service then please avoid. I called twice to make a large group booking and twice they failed to call me back. Maybe the food and service at the restaurant is really good... I guess I'll never know.” Yuk. James has poured years of misery into this one. It's an absolute tear-jerker with the 'final farewell' vibe at the end. Pass the Wilkinson sword.

Emerald Lake

Brigitte says: "Don't go there when the footys on. youll have to park 10 minutes away and youll also cop a $100 parking fine." Though Cllagun is more optimistic: "Cheap driving range, but some great fun with mates! Catering to all skill levels, I even managed to have a good time never having played before.
Get out there, make a fool of yourself, and have a great time!"

Brian remained passive, though seems to know best: "Hi. Maybe something to consider would be having other 'Specials Nights' not just Wednesdays, so that the general public that don't know your first in best dressed rule or in this case 'Reserved Only' situation could be mitigated? Just a thought??"

Palmer Colonial

Kris says: "Nice layout but is in need of maintenance.” Clive again. He's still that gelatinous, rich kid who slobbers all over his new toys for five minutes then throws them on the ground to fester. He's like Jabba the Hut in an Easter egg hunt. Bet he's forgotten he even owns it.

Sanctuary Cove

BJ says: "Secure and comfortable living.” Who the fuck lives on a golf course? Though Nicki 'no stars' tells a different story: "Not even one star. The staff are absolutely rude. We had to ask for cutlery and still only got one serviette [sic] between 4 people. Food average.” “There you have it. All in all, golf sounds a bit grim. Might check out 'dogging' instead.”

The group's third album, 'Joy', is available now.

The Peep Tempel Shows

Fri 4 Nov - Jive (Adelaide)
Fri 11 Nov - Miami Tavern (Gold Coast)
Sat 12 Nov - The Zoo (Brisbane)
Sat 19 Nov - Corner Hotel (Melbourne)
Sat 26 Nov - Amplifier (Perth)
Fri 2 Dec - Oxford Art Factory (Sydney)


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