5 Brisbane Joints To Cop A Pre-Gig Feed And Beverage With Sensaii

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On the eve of the release of their newest EP, 'Dig Deep' (out 6 October), Brisbane post-rock/ hardcore act Sensaii give us the low-down on their favourite Brisbane places to fuel up before jumping on stage to rock out.

Sensaii is Rowan Herbert, Chris Burt, Shaun Switzer, Kerry Rowe and James Hart.

5. Yard Bird Ale House

Rowan: This one's self-explanatory; wings and beer dude. Like, really, what more do you want? Gotta be careful with the hot sauce though. That can be a bit dangerous before bouncing around on stage.

4. Netherworld

Kerry: This is my pick for all of the rad plant-based chow. I mean, with a band of three carnivores and two veg-heads sometimes it's a bit shit finding something for everyone. But man, these guys just have all bases covered. Oh and video games! There's no better way to get pumped up than killing a few rounds of 'Point Blank'.

3. 5 Dogs

James: I know we said 'feeds AND bevs' and well, 5 Dogs doesn't sell beer.
Shaun: You can't win 'em all bro.
James: Yeah true, and I guess when you're running behind schedule sometimes you just gotta grab what you can and slam it down.

2. Greaser Bar

Chris: Greaser is sick. They always have rad stouts; better known as devil’s nectar.
Shaun: Man you are so whack, that stuff is poison.
Chris: It's called culture bro, look it up.

1. Heya Bar

Kerry: I'm totally biased here because I do some photo-work at Heya, so the fam always hook us up good and proper. Thank you, love you all!
Rowan: Yeah, and ramen.
James: And who doesn't vibe a couple rounds of pool to chill out and talk smack.

'Dig Deep' is released 6 October, 2017. Sensaii play a launch show at Crowbar (Brisbane) 14 October; Driven Fear, Arrivals, UNI/VS and Daybreakers are also on the bill.


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