5 Adelaide Italian Restaurants MANE Recommends

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After a recent UK and European tour, Adelaide musician MANE is back on home soil to promote her newest single 'What If The Love Dies' with a string of live dates.

"The past year I have been working really hard with the band to create a live sound that emulates the recordings, but also has a rawness to it that I feel excited about," MANE says.

"I put a lot of energy into the performance; at times it’s a little dark but other times it’s a lot of fun."

When asked to supply a listicle for scenestr, MANE shared her love of pasta with her top 5 Adelaide Italian restaurants. Unleash your inner foodie.

"I'm such a huge fiend for Italian food. It's almost a problem but if it's the unhealthiest addiction I have, then I think I'm OK with that," MANE says.


Don't look past the Amalfitana; it's my absolute, favourite dish. But honestly anything on the menu is pretty amazing. It's my go-to Italian restaurant recommendation.

Midnight Spaghetti

Pretty much guaranteed really good pasta with a side of really good vibes. This is a new place in Adelaide at the top of the beloved Crown and Anchor music venue. They have done such a good job revamping it and I really like it there. Good hangs.

Osteria Oggi

REALLY amazing and REALLY fancy. Treat yo self kind of scenario.

Fasta Pasta

I have absolutely no shame in giving a shout-out to my beloved Fasta Pasta food chain. I actually think it's REALLY good and it's also really cheap and I eat it alot. Ravioli Milanese. Am I right to my fellow Fasta Pasta lovers?

San Giorgio

My favourite thing about San Giorgio (aside from the food) is how late they open. Countless times after a late night in the city will I find myself there eating a bowl of their delicious con pollo pasta. Step aside late-night McDonald's.

MANE Shows

Thu 19 Oct - Gasometer Upstairs (Melbourne)
Fri 27 Oct - Rocket Bar (Adelaide)
Wed 1 Nov - Rad Bar (Wollongong)
Thu 2 Nov - Brighton Up Bar (Sydney)


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