Feeling The MANIA Of L'Art De Cirque

  • Written by  Cat Owens
  • Tuesday, 09 May 2017 13:30
Published in Arts  
Feeling The MANIA Of L'Art De Cirque Image © Clear Image Photography
Exciting. Empowering. Erotic. Raw.

The creative, exciting and utterly unique collaboration of L’art De Cirque and the 2017 Anywhere Theatre Festival; 'MANIA' presents professional performances with a sexy, raw theme of grunge and glamour.

For just two nights, 'MANIA' will be treating Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast to a mesmerising fantasy piece worthy of a Vegas stage. Showcasing breathtaking feats of strength, flexibility and balance, 'MANIA' will immerse you, tease you and dazzle you.

Litta Maree MANIA

With Crazy Horse-inspired light shows, raw fetish burlesque and boylesque and a fusion of circus and dance, 'MANIA' is brought to you in an ultra-modern performance style that has the performers up-close and personal with the crowd. 'MANIA' is a unique combination of circus talent, burlesque, and contemporary culture; the likes of which the Sunshine Coast has never seen before.

Glamour and grunge come together in this sexy, awe-inspiring show; completely championing the power of women. Feel dominated, feel entertained, feel inspired.

'MANIA' plays The Fox Hotel on 13 May and The Imperial Hotel on 19 May.


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