Wollongong Prepares For Anywhere Theatre Festival

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Anywhere Theatre Festival has presented over 1,300 performances to over a quarter of a million people in five years.

The festival is open to all performers wanting to showcase their work, but there's just one condition: that you present your theatre piece anywhere but a theatre, and exhibit your art anywhere but a gallery. This sounds pretty whacky right? Well it is, but there are lots of perks when it comes to not performing in a performance space or showing art in a gallery.

The main perk, no venue hiring! Venue hire is usually an independent artist's biggest and most annoying cost, so having it removed is super convenient. During the festival, artists have free access to non-traditional locations including Wollongong Central, Ziggy's house of Nomms, Humber, Wollongong Gallery, the Uniting Church, The Little Prince and Circus Monoxide's training space.

The event was created out of a thirst for collaboration and the power of theatre in more than just professional spaces. The wait for performance slots in theatres and spend that goes into performing at bigger fringe events is taxing for people in the arts world.

Anywhere Theatre Festival removes these stresses and gives creative minds the ability to present their work with ease.

To find out some more about applying for Anywhere Theatre Festival, you can attend a free information session at The Phoenix Theatre from 7-9pm on 15 March.

Applications close on 26 March, and Anywhere Theatre Festival Wollongong takes place from 17-27 August.


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