Davy Knowles Makes His Bluesfest Debut Next Month

  • Written by  Ellen Cook
  • Wednesday, 01 March 2017 14:01
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Known for his guitar riffs and distinctive blues style, Davy Knowles will make his debut at Bluesfest next month.

The former Back Door Slam frontman has already enjoyed industry success, despite his young age. Davy is humble as he talks about his start and gaining the high praise from acclaimed blues artists. “It was surreal; people said some really very nice and lovely things about my music.

“It was great because it gave me that conformation that really, maybe I wasn't meant to ever be that builder. It let me know that I was in fact on the right path."

Although he loved playing with Back Door Slam, Davy expresses the positives he has found with his solo career. “It’s given me a lot more freedom.

“Not that being in the band was horrible thing; I enjoy playing with those guys, but you do have other opinions and other things contributed that you might not want. Being solo has given me the freedom to do what I like really."

That sense of freedom and his return to blues roots was pumped into his 2016 album, ‘Three Miles From Avalon’. Davy talks about recording in Chicago. “I wanted this album to be upfront, honest and show myself.

“I found myself not fixing little mistakes; I kept all those little characteristics that create a live album. I didn't worry about it being perfect. I just wanted it to sound good.

"Recording in Chicago, certainly to some degree, added to the blues sound of the record. I think the studio we recorded in has a lot to do with it as well. We recorded live to tape in about three and a half days. I'm a fan of the old fashion, '70s record collections so I wanted that live sound for the album,” he says

With Bluesfest on his tour itinerary, the Isle Of Man native is itching to make the trip down under. “I’m excited to play [Bluesfest] because it isn't strictly a blues festival.

“There is an Australian rhythm section and bunch of other types of blues hick; it's just fantastic. I'm also excited to see a few acts, but really I'm very excited to have the opportunity to be out there.”

Although having found success within the blues genre, Davy admits there are preconceived ideas that still abound about blues music. “Blues is a very wide genre. I think people have this preconceived idea that blues is an old guy singing about sad stuff.

“Although there are elements of that idea, it really is totally open to any point of view. It can be uplifting and expressive; there is so much freedom in the genre, you can do what you want.

“You know, John Mayer can be considered as bubblegum pop for God's sake, but he is still in the genre of blues. There is something for everyone in blues I think, it just gets pigeonholed.”

Davy Knowles plays Bluesfest (Byron Bay) 13-15 April.


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