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The main goal of Australian collective Global Sisters is to provide women with resources and networks to establish and grow a business, but it goes beyond that as well.

It’s a global innovation and an Australian first, in which they address the gap in society where women who are financially excluded or face barriers due to certain circumstances, are limited in their options.

Global Sisters is a solution that harnesses the potential of women and their ability to be entrepreneurial. Everything in the store was made by resourceful women with huge courage but very little opportunity.

Buying one or some of the store’s many products means supporting these women and their future. So what can you find in the Global Sisters store? Well, there are feather crowns, rings, crotchet earrings and necklaces, pillows, purses and toys.

global sisters2

And for the Christmas season, you can also purchase packs of Christmas decorations which include a tree, a star, a bauble and a heart.

Each of these decorations has a story behind it, whether it has been made from organic natural cotton, hand-painted, crafted with Indigenous fabrics or woven.

Homewares and accessories are aplenty, too. Jute shopping bags, pouches... And all for a great cause.

global sisters3

On each product page on the website, is a ‘Meet the sister’ tab. It gives shoppers the opportunity to dive a little deeper into each product and learn about who actually put them together.

Along the way you might meet Cleonie Quayle, a self-employed jewellery maker specialising in crafting Aboriginal fabrics. You might also learn about Jennifer Lowe, whose passion it is to help those who have suffered as she has – having fled from violence and lived in a refugee camp in 1984.

The genuine nature of the Global Sisters store is the story and journey behind each of the products, and the intention of the brand as a whole.

global sisters4

How will the Global Sisters positively impact more than one million people involved?

Well, each woman will be able to provide for her family, be a role model as a businesswoman for both her family and her community, and she'll have the knowledge and experience to act as a mentor and supporter for other sisters.

Buy beautiful things for real change with Global Sisters.


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