The Jamaican Bobsled Team Gets A Theme Song

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The Bobsled Song The Bobsled Song

I guess every superhero needs his theme music.

After a 12-year absence from the Winter Olympics, the Jamaican bobsled team is making a comeback in Sochi — and they've got their own theme song.

'The Bobsled Song', written by Sidney Mills and Jon Notard, features a bright 8-bit music video that's practically guaranteed to make you smile.

The Jamaican Tourist Board says the catchy reggae tune syncs up perfectly with the Olympic bobsled track's twists and turns. If you press play just as the Jamaican team begins its run, you'll note that the song reflects the team's progress throughout the race.

(Because OF COURSE the Jamaican Tourist Board was inspired by Dark Side Of The Rainbow.)

It's unclear how the synchronicity would be affected if the Jamaican team crashed and had to carry their bobsled to the finish line, so it's just as well that would never happen.

The theme song is good, of course, but we kind of prefer Doug E Doug's version...

(Via Mashable)

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