Relove Oxley: Reinventing Nostalgia

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James and Jason – Relove Oxley James and Jason – Relove Oxley

There’s large jewel in the western suburbs of Brisbane, bringing awesomeness and vintage furnishings. And mid-century finds. And lustreware. And retro kitsch on a grand and unlikely scale.

Four years ago life and business partners James and Jason took on a warehouse at Oxley and started filling it with pre-loved items from every room in the house: the lounge, kitchen, living room, bedroom, kids’ room, garage… and it seems, everyone else’s houses.

Word spread and they were soon being approached – inundated – by people leaving town, managing deceased estates and just downsizing. The venture grew so much it expanded into a neighbouring warehouse.

And upstairs. Which now houses a serious collectors' record haven stocking vinyl, cassettes and music memorabilia. “People are buying and selling music but they're also swapping out a torn LP cover for a better one; or changing over a scratched disc for a clean one,” says Jason, one half of the team and ex-corporate man.

“You won’t find wardrobes,” he explains “We’re not Target or IKEA. Nor are we a garage sale. We think our stock is cool, interesting stuff.”

And clearly South East Queensland film industry set designers and prop managers agree. Personnel from productions such as ‘Hoges’ and ‘Aquaman’ have arrived to pore through ‘departments’ of collectables which include wood carvings, die casts, musical instruments, Australiana, kitchenware, toys, light industrial, lustreware, from all 20th century decades and myriad origins including USA, Australia, UK, West Germany and Africa.

Relove’s displays are largely curated by partner James who has a background in visual merchandising and a discerning eye for design, display and diamonds, including the real from the fake.

All up, it’s rummage-central; perfect for collectors, decorators, model enthusiasts and nostalgists.

Relove Oxley can’t be ‘done’ in an hour. Bring a companion, bring change for a coffee (it’s good) and transport yourself for a few hours. Protip: find them on Instagram.

Visit Relove Oxley here.

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