New Vending Machine In Melbourne Plucks All The Right Strings

  • Written by  Angela Peita
  • Wednesday, 03 May 2017 11:05
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Salad jar vending machine Salad jar vending machine
Anyone who knows Melbourne knows it was long ago crowned the hipster jewel of our vast country.

But with the rise of felt hats, pallet furniture and DIY tattoos in places like Brisbane and Adelaide, can it really hold the title for long? These vending machines say yes.

Example one. Salad jars.
Yep. For real. These vegan, Paleo, sustainable produce salads in reusable jars are delivered to you by a vending machine made of recycled timber. Launched by young health enthusiasts Dane Blackburn and Laura Anderson, the vending machines are everything a hipster on the run could ever need. Now just remove the label and tell everyone you gathered the ingredients bin-diving, and you will be the envy of everyone in your environmental start-up company in no time.

Vending machine store

Example two. A store completely run by vending machines.
This St Kilda store, the first of it's kind in Melbourne, boasts 24hr opening hours, requires no staff and sells a range of items. Because, like, time is a construct anyway and if I need some vitamins or phone accessories at 3am I certainly don't want to to be served by some poor shop assistant who should be out living their truth, not shackled to a checkout.

Guitar vending machine

And finally, Melbourne's newest addition – the guitar vending machine.
Sitting outside Clingan Guitar shop, this vending machine ensures that next time you break a string getting carried away with your Bon Iver cover, you can get it fixed and back to the open mic before anyone can say kale salad.

Okay, we actually think this vending machine is pretty great. Hopefully this is the vending machine trend to actually catch on.

What other strange vending machines have you seen?

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