Mundine Making Up Gay Stories

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Anthony Mundine Anthony Mundine Source: Facebook
Anthony Mundine has repeated his 2013 "gay is not alright" assertion to Channel 7 presenter Andrew O'Keefe.

The boxer apparently took a queer turn last year when, according to, he wrote “Watching redfern now & they promoting homosexuality! (Like it’s OK in our culture) that ain’t in our culture & our ancestors would have there head for it! Like my dad told me GOD made ADAM & EVE not Adam & Steve,” on Facebook.

The comments were made after watching an episode of the drama series 'Redfern Now', which included an Aboriginal homosexual character.

'The Man' claimed Aboriginal culture and homosexuality were mutually exclusive and O'Keefe asked him if the sentiment still stood. Mundine replied, “100 per cent. I told you, I speak the truth ... I got nothing against homosexuality, if you’re gay, be gay. That’s your choice, that’s your right in this day and age.

But after apparently begrudging that much, Mundine started with some caveats. He continued, “But don’t exploit it on prime time when there’s kids watching. And having sons come towards you and going ‘dad is that all right, for a man to kiss a man?’”

And apparently homosexuality isn't permitted within Aboriginal culture. “With my belief and my culture, no it’s not [alright]. And in Aboriginal law, that’s forbidden... Aboriginal law, it’s an old culture. It’s been here 40 thousand years, maybe longer. And it’s never been allowed. There is no changing this, changing that.”

The comments sparked immediate outrage from all quarters, with some Aboriginals questioning the basis for Mundine's assertion. Comments included:

"As an Aboriginal lesbian I find mundines comments offensive. Please Anthony, tell me the stories and show me our Aboriginal Laws/Lores that tell us it's is against our culture or show what punishments occurred, because after nearly 50 years of age, I have yet to come across one story apart from your made up one. It's amazing that you wish to be accepted yet are so exclusive,negative and discriminatory of Aboriginal people who are gay when Aboriginal people strive and hope for equality in our country. I cannot imagine that believing in your religion was a part of our traditional culture either."

Another person wrote:
"... As an Aboriginal woman, I see Mundine as an embarrassment. He does not represent the mindsets and views of all Aboriginal people, so it is a shame he is given the platform to spew his ignorance. He needs to stop presenting his personal beliefs as "Aboriginal law".


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