Macca's Dumps Tasteless Dead Dad Burger Ad

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Macca's Dumps Tasteless Dead Dad Burger Ad Image © YouTube
In a PR bungle for McDonald's UK, the fast food giant has been forced to withdraw their latest advertising campaign and let's just say the circumstances are… fishy.

The ad which has been slammed as 'offensive', 'cynical' and 'overly emotive' shows a young boy harassing his mother about his recently deceased father. Because nothing says 'appropriate mealtime conversation' like dead parents.

Feeling like a right knob because he's not a snappy-dressing, shoe-shining ladykiller like his old man, the boy's concerns magically disappear when dear old mum informs him of their shared love for Filet-O-Fish burgers.

Cue collective cringe.

Initially set to run for several weeks, the campaign has been withdrawn and a McDonald's spokesperson has issued an apology, adding they never intended to cause any upset.

The fracas comes in the wake of Pepsi's recent ad snafu, having to remove and apologise for an ad starring Kendall Jenner back in April which was accused of appropriating and trivialising the Black Lives Matter movement.

Looks like the latest item on the Macca's menu is a juicy serving of regret.


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