Hipsters Banned From Sydney Pub

  • Written by  Nicholas Hastie
  • Monday, 09 July 2018 17:57
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Ho Hipsters, thanks Ho Hipsters, thanks

The Abbotts Hotel's has instituted a full-on hipster ban.

No thongs? No entry. The Abbotts Hotel in Waterloo is going against the grain by instituting a ban for hipsters recently titling themselves as 'one of the last real pubs in Sydney'.

Man buns are out. So too are finely groomed moustaches and fedoras freely frocking around the pub. Smashed avocados and endless menus of craft beers have also been given the flick.

Tradie attire, with the pub welcoming those dressed in hi-vis vests, thongs, singlets and boots with open arms. Patrons can look forward to live music, cheap schnitzels and drinks. The Abbots Hotel is a tradesmen-friendly zone. “It's just a laugh,” the pub's duty manager, Kyle, told scenestr.

“Everyone's having good fun with it because we have posters up around the pub and people are taking photos with them. It's all up on social media. There's a Facebook page for [The Abbotts Hotel] that has a lot of people tagging their friends in it.

“We are in an area where there are a lot of hi-vis guys and hipsters. We just thought it would be funnier since there are a lot of pubs that don’t allow hi-vis or dirty shoes after 4pm.”

Visit The Abbotts Hotel's Facebook page for rules and guidelines on the newly appointed ban.

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