Barry Hall's Gross Comment Has Now Cost Him More Than Just His Job

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Big Bad Barry Hall Big Bad Barry Hall © AMW Talent Management

Infamously unhinged Barry Hall's recent Triple M on-air comments continue to impact him negatively.

In case you missed it, last Friday Hall made a sexist comment about fellow panelist Leigh Montagna's pregnant wife Erinn and Southern Cross Austereo fired him within the hour. Nekminnit, ties have been cut with more than just the radio station.

Today, Australian fashion brand Hammersmith stepped forward to announce the end of their partnership with Hall in the wake of the scandal.

"The partnership that Hammersmith signed with Barry Hall was based on agreeing to uphold our values of integrity, and respect for all people regardless of gender, size, age, nationality or anything else," a spokesperson told AdNews.

"Regretfully, in light of recent events, Hall’s comments are completely inconsistent with our values and we are left with no option other than to terminate our partnership immediately."

Triple M sponsor Beaumont Tiles has also voiced disappointment for Barry's comment and backed the radio station's move in firing him.

Barry who? In case you're unaware of who this neanderthal is, Hall has spent a lifetime pushing boundaries and generally being wrong. Check out the video of Big Bad Barry below for some further proof.

For those who missed this recent news and don't want to dig through the web, see below to read Barry Hall's comment.

“The doctor was a good looking rooster about 40 years of age. He did a sweep with his fingers and licked his fingers afterwards."

Thanks Barry, don't bang your head on the way out the door.


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