Adelaide Roller Derby Bout 2 Review @ Adelaide Showground

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Adelaide Roller Derby staged Bout 2 of Season 2018 at Adelaide Showground 28 April. Adelaide Roller Derby staged Bout 2 of Season 2018 at Adelaide Showground 28 April. Image © Stephen Muller

The Adelaide Roller Derby has seen a rejuvenation in recent years with the bouts gaining a mixed audience of derby veterans religiously following their chosen team into the 11th season and curious newcomers excited to see people knock each other over on roller skates. What's not to love?

However, the second bout of the 2018 season at the Adelaide Showground (28 April) proved to be a textbook display of a high intensity, neck and neck bout that made the palms of your hands sweat with suspense.

The Mile Die Club were looking to keep their momentum going after a massive win against the Salty Dolls in the first bout of the season in early April. The Road Train Rollers were aiming to knock the Mile Die Club off of their pedestal and gain some confidence heading into their first bout of the season.

Adelaide Roller Derby.2Image © Stephen Muller

The Wayville Pavilion filled up nicely for the bout, with local Adelaide indie-folk band Hey Harriett calming the anticipation with some smooth, upbeat melodies.

As the bout began it seemed like it was going to be an easy win for the Mile Die Club as they took an early lead while the Road Train Rollers couldn't score a point on them.

Adelaide Roller Derby.3Image © Stephen Muller

The first half was mostly a one-sided affair, with the Mile Die Club's early lead giving them some confidence going forward. However, the Road Train Rollers regained momentum and ended the first half trailing by 12 points.

The second half proved how quickly things can turn around in roller derby. The Mile Die Club extended their lead once again reaching the hundreds in the scoreboard.

Adelaide Roller Derby.4Image © Stephen Muller

However, with only 20 minutes left, the Road Train Rollers set up the finish for a true underdog comeback story as they balanced out the score with eight points between the two teams in the final three minutes.

Click here for more photos from Bout 2.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be as the Mile Die Club focused all their energy and finished with one of the highest scoring rounds (jams) of the night to cement their lead.

Bout 2 proved to be one of the tightest games in recent memory, which had the Mile Die Club leading the whole way, sometimes dominating and sometimes precariously fighting for their spot.

The next Roller Derby bout sees the Wild Hearses take on the Road Train Rollers on the 12 May at Adelaide Showground. Click here for more information.


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