5 Things That Rek Me Dead With POOLCLVB

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Sydney producer POOLCLVB recently released his four-track debut EP, ‘You + Me’.

Featuring lush, vocal house, ‘You + Me’ is drenched in good-time summer vibes. Within weeks of dropping ‘Always’ on triple j Unearthed, the track had collected accolades from near and far, with triple j’s KLP exclaiming: “Mumma make room because I need a big, sweet cocktail in my hand to drink, some big-ass reflector sunglasses and a whole lot of dancing space when this song comes on.”

‘Always’, which features the languid vocals of Carl Fox from Porsches, went on to hit #1 on the ARIA Club Chart, hit the top 50 of the Spotify Viral Chart in the US and clock up over a quarter of a million plays on Spotify. Impressive.

POOLCLVB dispenses some valuable advice for when not to rek other people's days. That includes you grandma.

1. Dropping in

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Don’t rek another dude’s wave.

2. Courtesy wave

The courtesy wave is NOT optional; a quick flash of the hand to show rekognition to how you rekked your merge is all we ask.

3. Butt implants

Butt implants are ruining women’s lives across Venezuela and probably heaps of other countries, but mostly Venezuela. It’s a rekidemic.

4. Warm-up heroes

This is not your time to rek. Earn your rek by playing to the allocated timeslot and general vibe of the headliner.

5. The pop-in

The un-announced visit from friends or family. Reks me dead!

'You + Me' is available now.


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