5 Horrible Places To Take Your Pet Zucchini With The Badlands

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Hailing from Byron Bay, The Badlands are four mates playing riff-driven rock, grunge music.

Part of the massive Mojo Burning line-up – a day of bluesy, swampy, grunge rock and blues – in Brisbane later this month, the lads share five places you should definitely avoid when walking your pet zucchini.

1. Cat party

Pretty sure most cats are scarred of zucchinis; makes for one sad zucchini.

2 . Your vegan friend Harry's place

You don't make friends with salad.

3. Speed dating

Zucchinis don't have hands, so can't fill out dating cards.

4. Boating

Known fact: all zucchinis get sea sick.

5. Swingers party.

Mojo Burning takes place at Hamilton Hotel (Brisbane) 25 March. First band performs from 2.30pm.

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