5 Favourite Servo Ice Creams With GOSH

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Wollongong band GOSH's preferred ice cream is the classic MaxiBon. Wollongong band GOSH's preferred ice cream is the classic MaxiBon.

As they gear up for their first tour as a band to support their latest single 'Isle Of Pines' (think breezy indie rock with a hint of dirty pop) Wollongong indie outfit GOSH are thinking about all the lovely ice cream sights they’ll see at various service stations up and down the highways of this great southern land.

"Coming from a place rife with beaches, we like to think we know a thing or two about snacks that go hand in sticky hand with a day at the sea-side," band member Matt says.

"Here are five of our favourite frozen friends, which we’ll be sure to sink our teeth into on our way to play a show near you."

1. Maxibon

The number one spot has to go to The Bon. This one would make the list for innovation alone if it didn’t taste like exactly what’s been missing from your life.

No stick in the packet means more space for ice cream, and what better way to overcome the cream holding scenario than by perfectly crafting two biscuity handles to house the frozen nectar. Executed perfectly, it stands triumphant: biscuit, hazelnuts, chocolate-chip ice cream, and chocolate coating - it just works... very, very well.

2. Cornetto

The term 'absolute classic' is thrown 'round a lot. But it’s never really used more accurately than when describing one of these. I mean, it’s even got a cone!

Often the favourite of your Nan, the Cornetto has been around since the dawn of time and packs a crunch quite unlike any other. Nan’s seen it all and she’s chosen the Cornetto... That’s gotta tell you something.

3. Golden Gaytime

To throw that many flavours and textures into one, frozen treat is brave to say the least. And in this case the bravery has paid off. There’s an element of calculated brilliance about the Gaytime. It seems so daring yet so right all at once. There’s the vanilla ice cream centre wrapped in toffee ice cream for God sake!

Even if your taste buds disagree, you’ve got to respect what this one represents within the industry.

4. Milo Scoop Shake

Somewhat left of field, this one’s a good choice if you like things slightly more dignified. With a tub and a spoon, your chance of drippage [sic] is reduced massively, making the Milo Scoop Shake easier to sit back, relax and not ruin your last, clean t-shirt.

Maybe not one for when you’re behind the wheel of the tour vehicle, but definitely one for grasping with two hands when you’ve just done your share of the drive.

5. Magnum

The Magnum is often, kind of written off as a bit basic. But there’s something intrinsically right about the ratio of chocolate to ice cream atop the curvy stick.

In addition, the Magnum range is second to none in terms of variety; you can’t look past the '7 deadly sins' range for a quality attempt at re-vamping a staple. Something that’s proven very difficult in the past.

GOSH Tour Dates

Thu 5 Jul - The Blowhole (Melbourne)
Fri 6 Jul - The World Bar (Sydney)
Mon 9 Jul - Rad (Wollongong)


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