5 Favourite Prime Numbers With Atom TM

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Atom TM brings his nine-piece band Senor Coconut to Unsound Adelaide 17 November, 2017. Atom TM brings his nine-piece band Senor Coconut to Unsound Adelaide 17 November, 2017.
Atom TM is Uwe Schmidt, a German artist known for his experimental productions exploring ambient, techno and glitch aesthetics.

His Señor Coconut project is dedicated to his interest of Latin music. Pursuing his newfound passion in the early '90s, Uwe moved to Chile, adopted the new moniker and became the Godfather of electrolatino music.

He formed a nine-piece band, Señor Coconut, that’s released five albums of brilliant covers of pop music classics from Kraftwerk through Michael Jackson and Sade to Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Uwe is bringing Señor Coconut to Unsound Adelaide next month. Unsound Adelaide is the Australian leg of one of the world’s foremost experimental and electronic music festivals.

Over three nights at Thebarton Theatre audiences will be treated to different corners of the experimental world: colliding electronics, noise, jazz, improv and quirky pop filtered through a Latin lens.

We asked Uwe to supply a listicle and he shared his passion for prime numbers. Enjoy.

1. 2

Since 1, philosophically speaking, isn’t a number yet, and therefore can’t be a prime number, 2 it is. There is enough beauty in the fact that it is the only 'even' prime number in existence. Because of that it is also called 'the oddest prime'.

2. 2 multiplied by itself 57.885.161 times, less one (257,885,161-1)

On 25 January 2016, at 23:30:26 UTC, the largest known prime number, 257,885,161-1, was discovered on Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS) volunteer Curtis Cooper's computer.

The new prime number, 2 multiplied by itself 57,885,161 times, less one, has 17.425.170 digits. With 360,000 CPUs peaking at 150 trillion calculations per second, 17th-year GIMPS is the longest continuously-running global 'grassroots supercomputing' project in internet history.

3. 19

It is not only a song by Paul Hardcastle and the average age of a fallen US soldier in Vietnam, but also the atomic number of potassium. 19 is called 'a unity' in Arabic (1+9=10=1). In Roman numerals it is written XIX.

4. 101

Is a 'Dihedral Prime', which is a prime that remain prime when read upside down or mirrored in a seven-segment display. It also reads 'lol' and is a Depeche Mode movie.

5. 2017

2017 summed up horizontally brings us back to '1'. Henri Lebesgue is said to be the last professional mathematician to call 1 prime.

By the early 20th century, mathematicians began to arrive at the consensus that 1 is not a prime number, but rather forms its own special category as a 'unit'.

Unsound Adelaide takes place at Thebarton Theatre 16-18 November.


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