5 Bits Of Abstract Magic That Are Inspiring Daggy Man To Create

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Daggy Man is the solo moniker of Brisbane singer-songwriter Thomas Calder.

What began as a side project from Thomas’ other project, The Trouble With Templeton, Daggy Man was a chance to express another side of his songwriting. But as things are wont to do, the project grew into something much bigger.

With the release of his solo album, 'A Lazy Kind Of Pain', in June, Daggy Man will showcase his live show at BIGSOUND. But not before sharing 5 bits of abstract magic that are inspiring him to create.

1. 'Out Of The Past' - Jacques Tourneur.

This film is just pure mood. Robert Mitchum and Jane Greer are effortlessly compelling. The cinematography is incredible. One of my favourite film noirs.

2. 'Synecdoche New York' - Charlie Kaufmann.

Charlie Kaufmann touches upon the absurdity of the human condition like no other. I’m always blown away by his narrative creativity and intelligence.

3. The score for 'Vertigo' - Bernard Hermann.

A piece of music and film score for all time. Bernard Hermann is an endless inspiration, and his score for 'Vertigo' never ceases to re-establish my belief in music being a transformative and profoundly important art form.

4. The line: “I’m muzzled by army brass!” - 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'.

No line from any film of late has made me happier than that spoken by the character of Jeff Trent, from the classic Ed Wood film 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'. There’s something incredibly beautiful about the underlying passion and belief of this film. So full of heart.

5. The 'Tao Te Ching' - Laozi.

Fascinating, profound and full of wisdom. Enough said.

Daggy Man plays BIGSOUND (Brisbane) 5, 7 September.


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