Funky Trunks/Funkita: Indigenous Designs For A Funky Brand

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Aussie swimwear brands Funky Trunks & Funkita have collaborated with Bardi artist Ashley Hunter to create a truly iconic print.

The Barnamboo, which means stingray in Bardi, is inspired by stories of the Indigenous elders and proceeds from the sale of Barnamboo will be directed to Indigenous community programmes.

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A native of One Arm Point on the Dampier Peninsular 200km north of Broome, Ashley grew up seeing his own grandmother painting in oils and listening to stories of the elders. “I’ve always had a strong belief in learning, passing on and recording the stories of the elders,” explains Ashley. “Kids should be taught about culture and how our elders grew up so that the knowledge isn’t lost forever.”

Barnamboo depicts the Dreamtime story of two friends Lool Lool and Marrgalinje. The two men lived together, shared food, hunted and told stories. One day Marrgalinje became angry when he found Lool Lool had been hiding turtles from him. They had a big fight with their spears and shields that lasted all day. Marrgalinje was hit in the back with a spear, stumbled into the ocean and became the sting ray and swam away. Lool Lool was hit by a boomerang, fell into the ocean and turned into the shark.

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“Creating the Barnamboo print with Funky Trunks & Funkita will ensure the story of Lool Lool & Marrgalinje lives on,” adds Ashley.

Proceeds from the sale of Barnamboo will be directed to Indigenous community programs as determined by the One Funky World Charity.

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The Barnamboo print swimwear is available now.


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