Top 5 '90s TV Theme Songs Every Karaoke Den Should Have

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Matt Okine Matt Okine

After five solo shows and hours of stand-up, multi award-winning comedian and Triple J Breakfast co-host Matt Okine is currently in the middle of an extensive national tour.

As one of Australia’s emerging comedy stars, we feel in safe hands when Matt shares his top 5 ‘90s TV theme songs that should be in every karaoke den.

Degrassi Junior High

I swear there was a stage there when bouncers wouldn't even check ID. They'd just sing this song up to the bit where it goes: "But then I look around and see/ Someone is smiling back at me/ wait..." and if you couldn't finish the song, you ain't gettin’ into da club.

The Golden Girls

I don't believe anything about this show, because none of the really old people I know have any friends at all, let alone four friends that hang out all day errr day, but still — cracking theme tune. "And if you threw a party, and invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me..." Oh wait, maybe that's why they all still hang out. Just one big gift-swapping circle jerk. I can dig that.


Rarely has a theme song managed to become an actual smash hit that people would buy on a CD single, but alas, I was one of those people. And I make no apologies. Where The Rembrandts [band who play the theme] are today is a mystery to me though. I guess when they were singing "I'll Be There For You", they meant to say "... until our CD sales stop, and we retire to some boss-ass beach house in Jamaica".

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

As if this wasn't the most boss-ass theme song ever. It was a rap! How many shows do you know that have a theme song that's a rap?? And especially a rap with the line: "I pulled up to the house about seven or eight and I said to the cabbie, 'yo holmes, smell you later!'" Haha, smell you later! Are you cereal, bro?? Tupac got gunned down in the middle of the strip, and Will Smith is rapping "smell you later!" Seriously. What a legend.


I think more people know the words to this song than they do the national anthem. "Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours, with a little understanding..." Of course everybody needs good neighbours, but if this actually happened, ‘A Current Affair’ wouldn't have much to talk about each night. I also feel like the show's creators probably wanted the word ‘white’ instead of ‘good’, but I'll save that rant for when I'm invited on Q&A.

Matt Okine Tour Dates

Sat 30 Aug - Darwin Entertainment Centre
Fri 5 Sep - Astor Theatre (Perth)
Sat 6 Sep - MANPAC Fishtrap Theatre (Mandurah)
Sun 7 Sep - Arkaba Hotel (Adelaide)
Fri 12 Sep - Enmore Theatre (Sydney)
Fri 19 Sep - Spiegeltent (Brisbane Festival)
Sat 20 Sep - Spiegeltent (Brisbane Festival)


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