Tommy Tiernan @ QPAC Review

  • Written by  David Hennessy
  • Monday, 18 April 2016 13:38
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Tommy Tiernan Tommy Tiernan
Well known Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan brought his unique brand of mayhem to Brisbane at the weekend, delighting a massive QPAC crowd with his inimitable storytelling on Saturday night (16 April).

One of Ireland's leading comedians, Tiernan is known for his whimsical, irreverent material that can make a crowd look at the mundane events of life in a new way, probably laughing at themselves in the process.

Although he is unafraid to tackle any subject or poke fun at any figure, it is himself that the comedian mostly focuses on, talking hilariously about the "soft mickey" that has become a feature of life at 46 and other facts of growing old like balding.

Known for his spontaneous style rather than over-polished material, Tommy launched into his show with a tale of his car journey from Perth to Adelaide. Looking for the true Australian experience, Tommy wanted to see more than just hotel rooms and to have something to talk about: both onstage and when he returned to his family in Ireland. However, he hadn't banked on a kangaroo becoming suicidal and killing his car.

In comedy for more than two decades, the Irish comic told the crowd he remembered the time before smartphones when people would just come up to look at him, even ask their wives to stand beside him so they could look at them together.

Donald Trump and David Cameron were among those to be scathed by Tiernan's wit. The comedian also offered a "foolproof" way to defeat ISIS, although it has its drawbacks. Tommy also reflected on Ireland's recent centenary celebrating a hundred years of the Easter Rising that led to Irish independence. Mischievously gloating, he asked the Australian crowd to imagine managing to repel the crown.

Enthralled, the crowd listened to Tommy's insights on women (who are all lunatics) and men (who are all arseholes) before rising to their feet to applaud one of the best comics in the game at the moment.

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