Tommy Little & Gossling Heartbreak And Hilarity

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  • Tuesday, 07 March 2017 16:27

Comedian Tommy Little returns to the Adelaide Fringe with two shows, including his show with singer-songwriter Gossling, ‘Heartbreak And Hilarity’.

Tommy has been busy with success. The comedian has been growing a large fan-base for the last ten years with his relatable tales and charming stage presence.

He has also found success as a familiar voice on both radio and television, including a new radio programme on the Hit Network with Carrie Bickmore, and hosting the recently launched Australian version of improvised-comedy show ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’

However, one area Tommy considers himself less lucky is love, which forms the basis of his new show, ‘Heartbreak And Hilarity’. ‘Heartbreak And Hilarity’ is a different format to Tommy’s other shows, including his other show he’ll be touring this year, ‘Good Talk’.

Tommy will be sharing the stage with singer-songwriter Gossling, each taking turns to joke and sing, respectively. “It’s all around this idea of heartbreak, and that we both find heartbreak hilarious and very human,” Tommy explains.

“I do five minutes of stand-up, tell a story from my life and hopefully make people laugh. Then Gossling does this stunning rendition of one of her songs, which will make people cry. And then I’ll bring them back from the depths of misery and make them laugh again. It’s that kind of emotional rollercoaster for an hour.”

Tommy and Gossling, aka Helen Croome, seem like an unlikely pairing for a comedy show, but Tommy sees the ‘Wild Love’ singer as a kindred spirit. “I saw her live, and she’s amazing. She’s also really funny.

“In between her songs she was doing banter that was making me laugh at the start. Then I went, ‘Hang on! You’re being too funny here. You’re putting a lot of comedians to shame.’ And it was just from that I thought I’d love to do a show with this woman one day. I just went, ‘Do you wanna?’ And she, stupidly, said yes!”

In addition to performing with Gossling, Tommy will be touring his latest hour of stand-up ‘Good Talk’. For his solo show, Tommy says it is “the filthiest stand-up show I’ve ever done. It’s a lot of sex stuff.”

While stand-up comedy isn’t the most collaborative of art forms, Tommy is excited to be working with Gossling, who he praises as “amazing! She’s such a huge talent.”

The pair found they countered each other’s weaknesses during the writing process. “Musically I’m a tone-tard, I believe the term is. And her stand-up experience is very limited. We’d write stuff independently, and then get together and see how we can fit things together, and wrote some of the stuff together.”

While Gossling will perform a mixture of originals and covers, Tommy will tell amusing stories of his disastrous love life, exposing himself, despite his successes, as someone just as flawed as everyone else. “I have the most miserable love life; I’m a cluster-fuck-up of a human.

“I always find myself in ridiculous situations with girls. And, because I have no shame, I then tell about them in public spaces. You can laugh with me or at me, and you’ll at least feel better about your own love life because you’re like, ‘Well, at least I’m not that dickhead'.”

Tommy Little 'Good Talk' Tour Dates

6-19 Mar - Garden Of Unearthly Delights (Adelaide)
Fri 24 Mar - Spiegeltent (Hobart)
Sat 25 Mar - Canberra Comedy Festival
Thu 30 Mar-Sun 23 Apr - Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Thu 11-Sat 13 May - Sydney Comedy Festival
Thu 18-Sun 21 May - Perth Comedy Festival

Hilarity & Heartbreak Shows

1-2, 8-9 Apr - The Forum @ Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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