‎‏Tom Green @ ‏Brisbane Comedy Festival 2016 Review

Tom Green Tom Green
‎‏One of the Festival’s most unpredictable comedians, Tom Green is a force unto himself.

It could the combination of those crazy-looking bug eyes of his, his extremely physical form of presenting a joke or the feeling that even he himself sometimes isn’t sure of where he is going with this or what might end up saying.

Whatever the magical ingredients, the recipe for TG’s live shows is unable to be replicated by regular humans. This man cooks up comedy in the same way Jamie Oliver literally throws together a delicious dish: with abandon, skill, hilarity and a sense of rowdy recklessness.

‏The Canadian super slashie (comedian/ actor/ rapper/ writer/ producer/ talk show host) barrelled into the Brisbane Powerhouse (15 March) on the back of performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and got right into it.

His fans are dedicated and many have followed him since 'The Tom Green Show', or even before that and because of this, people knew what to expect. Even though he is looking a little older than his glory days, Green has lost none of his agitated energy and fired frenetic lines out to the crowd, jumping between life musings, re-tellings of stories and audience interactions. ‎

If you like your comedy with an uncomfortable dash of inappropriateness, with a giant serving of self-awareness and topped off with topical agendas - then Tom Green is the comedian for you.


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