Titanic The Movie The Play @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2016 Review

  • Written by  Sarah Ponturo
  • Tuesday, 08 March 2016 16:38
As I arrive at the Brisbane Powerhouse around 7pm on Saturday night (5 March), I am overwhelmed with anticipation when I see the venue is absolutely heaving with high-spirited, laughing locals at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

The Powerhouse looks marvellous, splashed in bright shades of purple and blue and a festival bar has been set-up outside with people absolutely everywhere in and outside of the building; what a fantastic place to be on a Saturday night!

Kudos to Brisbane Powerhouse for producing another brilliant comedy festival; you make made me proud to live in this city tonight!

Tonight, I have tickets to see ‘Titanic, The Movie The Play’; and since the production of 'Speed The Movie The Play', I have been enormously excited for this show! Produced by Brisbane-based theatre company Act / React, the show lives up to their reputation for making the audience laugh. Laugh. A. LOT.

'Titanic The Movie The Play' is a brilliant and tremendously ridiculous take on the classic '90s film, and Act / React have almost replicated the vast, unsinkable ship outside the main entrance to the Powerhouse, inviting the audience to step on board and be part of history.

If you consider yourself a bit of an actor, you can be a star for the night on the good ship Titanic and can try your hand at being Jack, Rose or a drowning person at sea. This is absolutely wonderful, interactive-comedy theatre at its very best.

Starring all of your favourites including Kathy Bates, Billy Zane, Celine Dion, a rouge iceberg and of course our very special Oscar-winning Leo. 'Titanic The Movie The Play' is a spectacular disaster and an absolute scream of a show that will have tears rolling down your face as the ship starts to sink.

So make sure you grab jump on board the good ship. Not everyone will survive, so be prepared to get wet!

'Titanic The Movie The Play' is showing at Brisbane Powerhouse until 19 March.


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