Tim Ferguson Reveals The Secret To Comedy In Writing Masterclasses

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Tim Ferguson presents his acclaimed Comedy Writing Masterclass.

So what's the 'secret' to comedy?

 “If you can laugh, you can write comedy – there is no secret – it’s a craft that you can learn and master,” Tim says.

The Doug Anthony AllStars member behind countless award-winning live shows and sitcoms recently added co-writing and directing feature film 'Spin Out' to his string of credits.

Tim also teaches comedy screenwriting at New York University, Screen Academy of Scotland and the Australian Film, Television & Radio School (AFTRS).

“Most writers run screaming from comedy, but it’s a vital skill all writers need. The symbol for Drama has two masks, and one of them is laughing,” Tim says. “Unlike the UK & USA, most Australian university writing courses leave students in the dark about comedy, despite it being a worldwide industry.”

“This lack can only stem from academics’ fear or ignorance of the craft. Comedy writing can be a great career.”

Tim's writing course has benefited hundreds of people worldwide, who have gone on to see their projects fully realised and, consequently, awarded. The course includes a number of skills to learn such as creating a step-by-step plan to develop ideas, steps for writing jokes and dialogue, and learning how to package and pitch concepts.

“Don’t think you’re not funny enough to write comedy,” Tim says. “You don’t have to be the life of the party. Being funny is just talking to an audience about the way you see the world, and you see the world in a way that nobody else can.”

Tim Ferguson's Comedy Writing Masterclass Dates

17-18 November – ScreenWest Office (Perth)
24-25 November – Canberra Theatre Centre
26-30 November – AFTRS (Sydney)
8-9 December – State Library Of Queensland


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