The Old He Said/ She Said With Stav And Katrina Davidson

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Everyone's opinions differ – and it's often when you compare those of mens' and womens' that you'll get conflicting (and often humorous/ aggravating for the opposite sex) answers.

Stav Davidson (Hit105) and his wife Katrina (612ABC) have many things in common. Stav and Katrina Davidson have many things in common; the love each other, they're both know TV and radio personalities and stand-up  comedians. But like all couples, their opinions differ on a range of things in their lives. In 'He Said/ She Said' they will take to the stage at the same time (a first), sharing the same stories of their life together, but from opposite sides of the coin.

Is childbirth beautiful or disgusting? Was Stav’s proposal romantic or cheesy? Was their “first time” special, or tragic? It all depends on who you ask...

Everyone's opinions differ, where do you think mens' and womens' differ the most?
Kat: How to deal with emotions. I think we feel them just as deeply as each other, but men aren’t so much on the talking about it. Also shorts. Men see them as evening wear. Women, not so much.
Stav: Asking for directions, the importance of sport and 'Call Of Duty' being a valid pastime.

Kat Davidson

What's one topic you will never see eye-to-eye on?
Kat: TV shows. We have some shows we both love ('Deadliest Catch', 'House Of Cards', 'Doctor Who'), but I’ll not be swayed to 'The Simpsons' or 'Seinfeld', and he’ll always question my intelligence for 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'Greys Anatomy'.
Stav: That 'The Simpsons' is an amazing television show that needs to be quoted at least once a day.

How much bickering occurred while preparing this show?
Kat: None. We wouldn’t have made it this far, with this much love, if we fought over this sort of stuff.
Stav: Actually, none. Most of the bickering will occur during the show!

What did you discover about each other during the creative process?
Kat: How we get to the funny. I’m analytical, and I need to know I have it all figured out, even if it's not how I perform it on the night. He prefers more daylight between the idea and the performance.
Stav: How different our writing styles are. And also, how we stress differently. Kat's like: 'the shows only five weeks away' and I'm like: 'the shows five whole weeks away!'

What did you discover about men and women during the process?
Kat: It's a total generalisation based on us, but….We remember situations differently sometimes. Most women remember how they felt. The men remember what they were thinking.
Stav: I already knew this but men and women are very different! Especially when it comes to the bathroom. Who wouldn’t want to spend 40 minutes in there reading? Women…women wouldn’t.

Were there any surprises that cropped up along the way?
Kat: Not for us. But there will be for the audience!
Stav: Boringly, no. We are pretty open with each other. After 15 years together there’s not much you don’t know about each other.

Were there any 'no-go' zones?
Kat: Anything that might make other people uncomfortable on our behalf. We tease each other, and perhaps more playfully than some couples, but we don’t want anyone to feel they’re sitting in the back seat while mum and dad fight up front.
Stav: Not really, the show is pretty personal so nothing was off limits. We already knew all if it of course but our friends and family who come may get a few surprises.

Do you enjoy a little conflict to keep things interesting, or are you pretty level with each other?
Kat: We’re pretty level. We have very busy lives fitting in work, and raising Rori, maintaining our relationship and catching up with friends and family when we can. We don’t want to waste any of our time together being sad or angry.
Stav: We are pretty level with each other, I think we have had a total of three major fights in our 15 years together. Which is great, although we do miss out on make-up sex!

Communication is key to a relationship AND a good show; but what else is important?
Kat: Laughter. Intimacy. Wine.
Stav: Honesty, sense of humour and respect.

He says social media is... fantastic and evil at the same time.
She says social media is... addictive.

He says getting ready is... easy – done in 10 minutes!
She says getting ready is... a way to get my mind in the right place for a gig, a good way to feel beautiful for a date and a 10-minute process on a relaxed day.

He says the best date I've been on is... the first one with my now wife!
She says the best date I've been on is... With my husband in Vancouver. We roamed the Christmas lit streets in the Canadian cold, looking up at the Rockies, stopping for beers and drinking warm cider in Stanley Park.

He says she drives me nuts when she... nibbles on my earlobe… I may have misinterpreted this question.
She says he drives me nuts when he... can’t watch a TV programme for longer than five minutes unless it's 'Jaws' or 'Die Hard'. Then he can watch it forever.

'He Said/ She Said' performs Brisbane Powerhouse 10-12 December as part of Wonderland Festival which runs 3-20 December. Win a double pass to the opening night of 'He Said/ She Said'.


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