The Fan Brigade Are Proud Feminazis

'Feminazi B*tches' is on as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019. 'Feminazi B*tches' is on as part of Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2019.

The Fan Brigade are either 'fat, ugly, unfunny b*tches', or 'talented comedians', depending on who you ask, and they don’t want the negative jerks enjoying their comedy show.

The named celebs are on the ban list “because they don’t deserve laughter or happiness” according to the Kiwi duo, so obviously Pauline Hanson is top of the list.

The musical comedy duo from New Zealand won Director’s Choice at the NZ International Comedy Festival in 2018 with their sold-out show 'Feminazi B*tches', and are bringing it to Melbourne for the first time.

 Audiences can expect a line-up of their brilliant musical comedy hit songs and commentary, ranging from observational to confrontational comedy. However, to ensure they and everybody else at the show can enjoy their evening, the following people are banned:

·  Pauline Hanson
·  Kyle Sandilands
·  Tony Abbott
·  Kevin Spacey
·  Russell Crowe
·  Kerri-Anne Kennerley
·  Mike Pence
·  Piers Morgan
·  R Kelly
·  Eden from Love Island
·  Anyone who thinks they shouldn’t change the date.
Are any of these negotiable? “Not even if they beg.”

Otherwise, come along! The Fan Brigade have won a slew of other awards in New Zealand, including NZICF Best Newcomer 2016 and Best Gag in the 2017 NZ Comedy Guild Awards.

'Feminazi B*tches' plays Campari House (Melbourne International Comedy Festival) 26 March-7 April.


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