Steve Hughes @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2016 Review

  • Written by  Alexander Habilay
  • Thursday, 17 March 2016 12:26
There’s a truth behind every joke; a saying that haunts most comedians. But not Steve Hughes. He’ll just give you the truth and you’ll be left hoping it was a joke.

'Nervous Breakdown' – composed and lived by the heavy metal comic – lines up all the tragic, unbearable truths about his life and the world he’s participated in – from pet peeves to political problems – and knocks them down like ducks in a shooting gallery. His audience is left trying to let the shock and laughter out of their systems: most end up incapacitated.

Steve shares stories from all over the globe, rendering the audience silent and praying he was kidding. There were no boundaries. Steve will darken the room with tales of woe, then lift the audience back up in the updraft of his undermining punchline.

He’s a positive kind of nihilist; the fun kind that can make you laugh while you forsake everything you thought you knew about this world.

Steve will give you the truth in between a few dad jokes. He’ll open your eyes and make you wish you didn’t have a heart, but you’ll laugh all the way through.

Steve Hughes isn’t a safe night out. You’ll either pass out from laughter or be paralysed by sadness. But what more could you want from a comedy festival?

Steve Hughes plays at the Brisbane Comedy Festival until 20 March.

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