Live Laughs And DIVAS All Male Revue Perth Review @ Comedy Lounge

Six In The City and 'DIVAS All Male Revue' at Perth's Comedy Lounge. Six In The City and 'DIVAS All Male Revue' at Perth's Comedy Lounge.
Walking down Murray Street you’d hardly know there’s a classy, buzzing lounge above, if it weren’t for the bright yellow Comedy Lounge signs and slick looking alleyway adorned with murals.

Being a first timer to the Comedy Lounge, I was keen to see Perth’s first brand new purpose-built venue, made to support local and international acts and provide audiences with a unique and well-rounded experience with a bar, food and entertainment. I like the way the venue is styled and the atmosphere, a relaxed, Friday night feel with no pretentiousness, just real people there for a great night out.

I took my seat in the full capacity audience as MC Mike Goldstein ever so naturally had the room in stitches in between random audience conversations and ideas around Christmas. Scottish-based Australian comedian Ro Campbell was first up during the eight o’clock session, enlightening us with his hilarious ideas about the weather and the phenomenon commonly known as FIFO. The night continued with Suraj Kolarkar from Queensland, Luke Ryan originally from Geraldton now based in Melbourne, Xavier Michelides originally from Perth now based in Melbourne, and Aussie legend Peter Rowsthorn – a great ambassador of the Comedy Lounge and well known for his role in the iconic Australian comedy series 'Kath & Kim'. Together, they brought an eclectic range of humour.

Peter Rowsthorn
Peter Rowsthorn

I liked that each act was unique, Aussies from far and wide, and stayed in touch with the audience during their performances, naturally responding with humour. From Uber to lips sinking ships, they took us on a journey of the imagination that had the audience in fits of laughter. I’m not sure if I was breathing between changes of topics (particularly during Rowsthorn's adaptations of his daughter’s teenage actions), because I was busy laughing while drying the tears in my eyes. But one thing was for sure, the eight o’clock session made for great Friday night entertainment. And there was more to come, in full glamour, the 'DIVAS All Male Revue' drag show.

With her rise to fame during that infamous night on stage singing (ever so powerfully) with Adele during her Perth concert, Feminem and her group of queens – 'DIVAS All Male Revue', is a show not to be missed on Friday nights. Not only did they give us the disco classics we’ve all come to know and love from drag shows, but plenty of clever, original humour too. They’ll have you in stitches, with an Adele tribute thrown in there as well of course… That voice, Feminem – phenomenal.

So, make sure you head down to the Comedy Lounge in Murray Street in the city or one of their other venues to celebrate the end of the week grind from Thursday through to Sunday nights.


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