Seriously, Kitty Flanagan Wants To Talk About Her Feelings

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  • Wednesday, 05 August 2015 17:03
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Kitty Flanagan Kitty Flanagan

Kitty Flanagan opens up and talks about her feelings.

Here’s what you get: the inside scoop on dating gravediggers, cops and Cubans.

Advice on how to keep a straight face when doctors use 'proper' words like anus and areola. And why old people love salt. You'll also get Kitty's fabulous musical sister, '90s folk poster Penny Flangan.

What can we expect from your new show, 'Seriously’?
This is my best show yet. It’s a little bit personal, I talk about a whole cross section of subjects...

Is there a line of good taste you won't cross?
I never set out to upset or shock people. I’m not into being 'dark' for the sake of being 'dark'. I’m just out to get laughs, so if it’s funny I’ll say it.

What's your best method for handling hecklers?
Working in theatres and art centres you rarely get hecklers. But back in my club days, I was never great at handling hecklers - I’d just ask them to “shush please” like some sort of primary school teacher. It was so lame it was funny. But if they were really nasty and disruptive, I’d pretend I couldn’t see who was heckling and ask them to stand up. Then I’d just point them out to security and have security deal with them.

How did you become involved with the Working Dog crew and 'Utopia’?
I made a wish, sat patiently and waited for 20 years and eventually they called me and asked if I would like to be in their next show. Dream come true.

What's in-store for the Nation Building Authority team when 'Utopia' returns for season 2?
My character Rhonda continues to be the most annoying person in the building. And I think it’s safe to say that nothing much gets built. Again.

Who is your comedy icon?
At the moment I’m like the rest of the world and can’t get enough of Amy Schumer. I also love Kathleen Madigan. Look her up on YouTube. She’s the best.

Kitty Flanagan Tour Dates

13-16, 20-23 Aug - Brisbane Powerhouse
27-29 Aug - Sydney Opera House
1-3 Oct - Regal Theatre (Perth)
12 Nov - Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre
13 Nov - Orange Civic Theatre
14 Nov - Dubbo Regional Theatre


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