Raven On Review @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2019

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  • Friday, 15 March 2019 15:52
'Raven On' 'Raven On'

An entertaining show about one woman’s 'Game Of Thrones' ('GoT') obsession – complete with real life swords.

"Mother of Kittens" Natalie Bochenski has devoted the past decade of her life to 'Game Of Thrones', and to a lesser extent, the brooding character of Jon Snow. She even turned her obsession into gainful employment, with her 'GoT' recaps being published in Fairfax Digital mastheads for several years. She has deployed her significant knowledge to craft this cosplay inspired, one-woman show.

The one-hour performance is frantic, and moves at a very quick trot. It begins with a slide show, before featuring multimedia installations, audience participation, a sword fight, a tribute to Toto’s 'Africa' and a rap. The variety keeps the audience engaged, and makes the hour slip by in the blink of the eye. However, the transitions could be stronger, with a pause between bits to let the audience appreciate the wit behind the long, blonde Daenerys wig.

The sword fight was a very good example, it was absolutely a show highlight, but once over, instead of letting the audience sit with it for a second, and appreciate the impact, we quickly moved to the next joke.

That said, Natalie is an intelligent and confident performer. There were a few technical issues, which she handled with aplomb, and her energy never flagged. The rap and the final wrap-up song – complete with fake snow – were not only really witty but also really catchy. Her comedy is not only funny, it’s clever. All fans of 'Game Of Thrones' should head out and see 'Raven On', after all, we need to savour the final season!

'Raven On' plays Brisbane City Hall until 17 March.


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