Paul Chowdhry Is Live, Innit?!

Paul Chowdhry Paul Chowdhry

Paul Chowdhry is bringing his comedy mastery to Australia in his show 'Live Innit'.

In his Australian debut, Paul will no doubt prove why he managed to sell out 100 dates across 2017-2018 with his unique observational humour.

Before welcoming him with open arms, we decided to shoot him some questions about the show and see what he's looking forward to (and not looking forward to) about being in Australia.

You've recently completed a 100 date sold-out tour. What's it like to sell out venues and know that all those people came to see you!?
It’s the biggest honour and a privilege for people to come out and watch you perform and spend their entire evening in your company. There is no better compliment. It's more like a friendly hostage situation.

Your stand-up has been described among other things as 'vibrant' and 'irresistibly engaging'. What can Australian audiences expect to see at your show?
I’m not sure who said that but it’s a very nice few words. I would've preferred 'funny'. The Aussies can expect the above and more from a comedy show like no other.

Do you have a pre-show ritual? How do you prepare before going on stage?
Yes I like to be well-rested. That sometimes means sleeping before a show. Oh, and I eat a lot before a show. Other comedians never understand this because they have so many nerves before a show. Forget that, I wanna sleep and eat.

This is your first time down under. What are you most looking forward to about being here?
I’m really looking forward to meeting the locals, and when I say locals I mean the koalas, the kangaroos and the Kylie Minogues. I’m a huge fan of Australia and I grew up to your culture through 'Neighbours'.

What are you least looking forward to…?
The travel, it’s on the other side of the bloody planet. Why can’t you move Australia closer to England, you are our convict relatives after all.

How did you get into the world of comedy?
I’ve been watching stand-up comedy since I was very young, and it was always something that fascinated me, but I never thought I could make a living out of it. I’m fascinated in the way we can communicate through humour. Comedy has such a wide spectrum, a bit like music. When it comes to stand-up it’s about linguistics; the scientific study of language and the play on words.

What has been your biggest achievement?
Probably this tour, it’s taking me to Australia and New Zealand and 130 dates in England including Wembley Arena, a venue all the major bands around the world perform in. A venue I once de-rigged for, for Mariah Carey on minimum wage.

What's the most rewarding thing about being a comedian?
The instant hit you get from the audience reaction. It's the purest art form, there is no other form of entertainment where you get an immediate reaction. It's different to music, you can't hide behind anything.

In a perfect world, what would every audience member leave your show thinking and feeling after watching you for an hour?
Hopefully thinking that’s the best thing ever seen, if not they’ll be entertained and have laughed for the full duration of the show and forget all their worries, because I just topped them with my worries.

Paul Chowdhry Dates

21-22 April –Athenaeum Theatre (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
25 April – Regal Theatre (Perth Comedy Festival)
27-28 April – Factory Theatre (Sydney Comedy Festival)


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