Ollie Horn Takes Time To Reflect In Pig In Japan

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Ollie Horn Ollie Horn

Do you want to travel but you're too distracted by the cost of flying, accommodation and the general time-consuming process of organisation?

Ollie Horn has got you covered. He's presenting his show 'Pig In Japan' as part of Perth Fringe World and Adelaide Fringe.

Ollie has made a name for himself as an intelligent, aware and truly international comedy act, performing to audiences in London, Hong Kong, Melbourne and a dozen more places in between.

'Pig In Japan' is a narrative-driven stand-up comedy show exploring issues of identity, nationalism and self-development. Ollie lets you in on why he travelled to Japan, how he ended up on Japanese TV, and his reasons for giving it all up.

Ollie provides a bit of a seller for audiences.

"Come to 'Pig In Japan' and you can travel to Japan vicariously for 55 minutes, giving you yet another reason to stay put."

Heck yes.

So if you've ever lived abroad, felt like a fish out of water or just generally have an interest in the wonders of Japan, Ollie Horn wants you at his show.

'Pig In Japan' plays Skybox at The Aberdeen Hotel (Fringe World Perth) from 12-17 February and The BoardRoom at The Griffins Hotel (Adelaide Fringe) from 19 February-3 March.


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