Nath Valvo Roasts PC Culture In New Comedy Show

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  • Thursday, 09 February 2017 15:39
Having stormed the stages of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year and earning himself the Best Newcomer award, comedian Nath Valvo follows up with his new show, ‘Not In This House’.

Performing as part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe, Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Perth and Sydney Comedy Festivals, Nath says that within the comedic sights of his new show is the current spate of political correctness, which has given rise to an ‘age of offence’.

“At this point I’m going to touch on that we have this culture of everyone being offended and everyone hates when you say this, and there’s a petition to stop saying that, and people are scared to write something on Facebook or Twitter, or say something because they’ll get sued or someone will get offended,” he says.


A photo posted by Nath Valvo (@nathvalvo) on Jan 31, 2017 at 8:33pm PST

"It’s like everyone is so nervous to just say some shit out loud with this really weird wave of PC culture.

"I don’t want to sound like Donald Trump, this isn’t a leeway of saying ‘be a racist dickhead’, but it reminds me of growing up because every time I’d say ‘I hate this’, Mum would say ‘we don’t say hate in this house, hate’s a strong word’ and it’s been engrained in us and now that we’re adults we’re doing it to each other.”

Last month Nath headed to London for a show at Soho Theatre. “Doing the London run is an awesome opportunity, I’m stoked,” he says. “It's going to completely fuck up my run into the new show because normally we spend January getting ready for [Adelaide Fringe], but they’re doing a thing where the nominated shows from Edinburgh get to do a run there.

“So I’m super excited and the best part about it is that it’s an 'absolute best of' show, so it's all stuff I am really proud of that's been tried and tested. That's exciting to be able to do a show like that and I hope it goes well.”

From all accounts, Nath’s ‘Not In This House’ show has every intention of giving audiences a refresher course in having a sense of humour, and if what he says next is anything to go by, those with a sensitive constitution may just want to stay at home instead.

“I’ve got a segment in the show called ‘Things I’ll Never Say Out Loud’, and I’m just going to do it and hopefully it makes people laugh but I think it’s going to offend some people as well, and I think that’s kind of going to be the point.

“The really big, powerful stuff, like ‘I like Justin Bieber', you know things that will really rattle people and get people really offended. Or stuff like ‘I’m a gay man. I respect equality and everyone, but what the fuck is with bisexual people?’ that kind of stuff.”

Nathan Valvo Shows

17 Feb-19 Mar - Adelaide Fringe
30 Mar-23 Apr - Melbourne International Comedy Festival
4-7 May - Perth Comedy Festival
11-14 May - Sydney Comedy Festival


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