Mel Buttle: Puppy Love And Laughter

  • Written by  Liam Steers
  • Tuesday, 23 February 2016 17:13
Mel Buttle Mel Buttle

Brisbane comedian Mel Buttle returns to the Brisbane Comedy Festival with her stand-up, bringing with her a dose of self-deprecating sarcasm and stories about her new dog.

Stand-up is just one of the many areas Mel has covered during her comedy career, having made appearances on TV and recorded podcasts: she even had a regular opinion piece for The Courier Mail.

However, it seems Mel's early ambition wasn't to become a comedian. "I did a stand-up comedy course because I thought it would make me a better teacher. I got hooked. My first gig went really well and I thought I might as well keep going. That was the very beginning of it.”

Even though she has managed to get her name recognised appearing on panel shows, co-hosting 'The Great Australian Bake Off' and performing stand-up tours, Mel believes there is a much more powerful tool for promotion than TV. “The internet seems to be the way that things happen for people these days.

“'The Bake Off' is on Foxtel and not on normal TV, so I don't know if that has done much for me. I think if you really wanted to promote yourself you'd focus on online stuff, which I have no idea how to do. I don't know how to use a camera, I can't edit, I'm hopeless but I think you can't expect too much from TV because everyone just watches Netflix.”

Being a comedian seems like a dream job, but like any work commitment there are downfalls. Nevertheless Mel still finds time to juggle her busy life. “I have no full-time job which helps.

"I'm very available for most things... Like most of the day I've got nothing and I'm totally bored and then Sunday night is when I work. That's when I perform at comedy clubs, or that's when I record podcasts and stuff. Recording TV just happens for a period of the year then it's done, so mostly I'm at home with my dog.

“It's a bit of a difficult life because you miss everything like friends' weddings and birthdays because you can't say no to a gig that you booked three months ago. I fit it all in mostly while still managing to let people down."

Brisbane comedy fans will welcome back one of their own at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, and the event seems to hold a special place in Mel's heart. “I particularly look forward to performing there because it's my hometown, and because it's the one place you can make fun of someone you live near or reference things that people know about. I love doing that.

“In Melbourne and Sydney, I'm not that well known and you're up against a lot of really big names, and hundreds of other shows. In Brisbane it's a slightly smaller festival, and you get the chance to stand out more as a local act which is really nice. You can try and gain a following of people that will want to come back each year to see you.”

Mel Buttle Tour Dates

1-6 Mar - Brisbane Comedy Festival @ Brisbane Powerhouse
24 Mar to 17 Apr - Melbourne International Comedy Festival @ Melbourne Town Hall

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