Matt Okine @ Brisbane Comedy Festival 2016 Review

Multi-award winning comedian and Triple J host Matt Okine is taking over his home town at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

2015 was a stellar year for Matt Okine, winning an ARIA, taking out the prestigious Director’s Choice Award at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his show, 'The Other Guy', and bagging nominations for Best Comedy Performer at the 2015 Helpmann Awards, and Best International Show at the 2015 NZ International Comedy Festival.

Now Okine’s back for an even bigger year, kicking it off with his fifth straight year appearing solo at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, before continuing the tour around the country.

The Indro-raised comedian left the audience in fits of laughter at his first show for the Brisbane Comedy Festival last night (2 March) with his stories about making dat paper and getting dem haters.

He touches on the sudden spike in popularity of salted caramel, the struggles of making ravioli without a pasta machine, and getting his money tin stolen by Spring. Not to mention his enormous love for chicken (and whether or not that’s racist) and his European endeavours. It’s a recipe for a great night!

If you thought that Okine was simply a hilarious breakfast show host, you’d be right, but you’d also be hugely underestimating the comedic master.

Aside from working ridiculous hours at his day job and learning to hate Mondays, Okine can bring a room full of people to tears from laughter, as well as blow them away with his amateur rapping skills that have managed to go somewhat under the radar.

More than anything though, he’s making dat paper, getting dem haters, all while setting the alarm for 4:30am.

Catch Matt Okine at the Brisbane Comedy Festival until Sunday 6 March.


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