Marcus The Motivator Will Show You How To Live Lavishly

Marcus The Motivator Marcus The Motivator

Have you thought twice about whether to buy that avocado on toast for breakfast because you'll starve till dinner or consist your diet of two-minute noodles?

Well, spend your money on tickets to see Marcus the Motivator instead at the 2019 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. In the motivational seminar parody 'Millenial Motivational Master', Marcus the Motivator will take you through the ridiculous extremities of an industry that takes itself too seriously.

Touching on how the “wonderful” location the person you follow on social media was at was just part of a back-packing trip, the large pool they're laying in front of isn't theirs and the flashy car they drive is a rental, Marcus the Motivator will show you how to live a lavish life... Kind of.

Tips and tricks will be disclosed, as well as dodgy tactics and manipulation will be taken to the next level, humorously of course.

Although, don't be fooled, alarmed or confused by Marcus the Motivator's perfectly white teeth and gold suits, he is still humble and his ego is in check. This enables him to run his multi-million dollar business to help people like you, become people like him.

The seminar is 18+ only, as children cannot afford the lavish that you may one day. So take a seat, grab a drink and get ready for some (possibly drunk) conversation of adult matters and possible nudity.

The show also comes with a disclaimer: Please remember that past performance is no guarantee of future results. You do not have Marcus the Motivator's skillset, experience, presence or perfectly white teeth and therefore could not expect all the same results he describes.

'Millennial Motivational Master' plays Horse Bazaar from 8-20 April.


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