Luke Heggie Offers A Temporary Escape From Your Banal Life

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  • Monday, 20 February 2017 13:30
Luke Heggie Offers A Temporary Escape From Your Banal Life Image © Anneliese Nappa
Fast becoming one of Australia’s most in-demand and recognisable stand-up comedians, Luke Heggie is known widely for speaking to audiences as their equal, offering them a temporary escape from their 'banal, stupid and largely pointless lives'.

Tell us about your new show, 'Rough Diamante'.
It's a show about idiots. It's not designed to have everyone's already progressive views told back to them in slightly different words. It's my opinions, which should be thereafter treated as facts.

How do you describe your sense of humour to newcomers?
Harsh but fair. I get accused of singling out certain sectors of society for scrutiny, but it's not singling anyone out if you attack everyone. I also get accused of not respecting audiences. This is false. There's nothing I like better than watching their stupid, little faces light up when a joke lands.

This will be the first time at Adelaide Fringe; how are you feeling ahead of these shows?
Alright. I actually went to Adelaide Fringe with my first show in 2012. About a dozen people came across the course of a week. I'm still seething over going into the red.

Are there any other acts at the upcoming comedy festivals you'd like to see?
Yes. I can't wait to see Chris Wainhouse's new show. He's one of the best. Also looking forward to my staples: Nick Cody, Rhys Nicholson, Michael Workman, Anne Edmonds, Becky Lucas and Aaron Chen.

What can audiences expect from your performance?
A little bit of something for everyone; provided everyone is exactly like me.

Do you still get nervous before doing a set?
No. I used to. But now I don't care. Heaps of people hate comedians. They generally tell me about it in their blogs or via email later. I've never had much worse than that happen.

What's the most awkward experience you've had on stage in front of a crowd?
A large-headed woman kept yelling shit out. She didn't have a condition or anything. It was just a large head. So I said: 'Whatever pops into your large heads, just yell it out; help yourselves.' The crowd looked at her and then decided I was the villain. So I apologised for pointing out the elephantitus in the room. Then all of them hated me. Nice guys finish last.

What's your number-one trick for dealing with hecklers?
I go at a pace that doesn't generally invite heckles. So I ignore them on the whole. If that fails, I generally follow them to the carpark and bash them.

Any comedic lines you don't cross, or is everything and everyone fair game?
No. I'll say what I want. The bloggers can duke it out with each other later.

Luke Heggie Shows

28 Feb-5 Mar - Brisbane Comedy Festival
9-12 March - Adelaide Fringe
24 Mar - Canberra Comedy Festival
30 Mar-23 Apr - Melbourne International Comedy Festival
5-7, 11-14 May - Sydney Comedy Festival
18-21 May - Perth Comedy Festival


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