Jim Gaffigan Brings His Comedy Back To Australia

Jim Gaffigan Jim Gaffigan

Grammy-nominated, multi platinum-selling, top touring comedian, actor and two times ‘New York Times’ best-selling author, Jim Gaffigan, returns to Australia for his biggest stand-up tour to date.

Known around the world for his unique brand of humour which largely revolves around fatherhood and his observations on life, Jim will play shows at Brisbane Comedy Festival and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as in Sydney.

“I find it hard to describe the show I’m doing this time, because without context it sounds relatively boring; it sounds like generic comedy. But what I would say is that it’s all new material different from my five ‘Netflix’ specials that are streaming.

“I think it [the show] is kind of referencing me as a fixer-upper and it’s something that you’re never really done with. So it has a little bit to do with that.

“I’ve been off and on doing shows for a long time, but this hour I would say I probably started it this last October. So it’s really fresh and I have lots of stuff. I’m also excited because I definitely expect to be adding some Australian material. I’ll have at least a week where I’ll be able to swirl around and develop some new material.”

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Named by ‘Forbes’ in 2016 as one of the world’s highest grossing comedians and one of only ten comics in history to sell out New York City’s Madison Square Garden, Jim is a giant in the world of comedy. And it is treading the boards as a stand-up comedian where he feels the most at home.

“I love acting and I love writing and everything, but stand-up is really, you know, you have full control up there. You have complete control over how you can do it. I can come up with some new material and try it tonight, whereas with acting you have to wait for a long time to gather it together, and receiving feedback on the flavour you’ve come up with is easier with stand-up, so that’s the part I really enjoy.

“You know, I just really, really, really love stand-up so much, so to have the opportunity to perform, and especially because my wife went through this illness, there was a scenario where I was going to be a single father, so to have the opportunity to perform and travel internationally, that’s not something I take for granted.”

The last time Jim toured Australia was in 2014 for the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival at the Sydney Opera House, after last year’s ‘Nobel Ape Tour’ Australian shows were cancelled due to his wife and comedy collaborator, Jeannie, having to undergo medical treatment for a brain tumour. This tour will be a family affair, with Jeannie and their five children joining Jim in Oz.

“She [Jeannie] really wanted to head back and work again once she felt 80 per cent, so she’s really excited to go too. She’ll be down there and thinking of ideas, so once we land we’ll have some ideas hopefully.”

Ahead of his 2014 Australian tour, Jim posted on Facebook that he couldn’t wait to taste kangaroo. On this tour, Jim is looking forward to getting up close and personal with Australia’s iconic fauna and flora.

“You know, we’re going to go and see the [Great] Barrier Reef which is amazing. I’m taking my kids [to Australia], so I want them to see a kangaroo and maybe hold a koala bear and stuff like that.”

Jim Gaffigan Tour Dates

23-24 March – Brisbane City Hall (Brisbane Comedy Festival)
2 April – Melbourne Town Hall (Melbourne Comedy Festival)
3 April – Enmore Theatre (Sydney)


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